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7 Inches Nautical Angle Gauge Nautical Protractor with Brass Navigation Divider

Prodcut Details

Good performance: the pencil marking compass functions as a drawing tool good for measuring diameters along or accurately reproducing. The perfect tool for doing large carpentry work, drafting, metalwork, and laying out furniture. The sliding speed nut enables quick, smooth adjustments until contact with the center collar.

Wide usages: with a lockable wing and pencil holder, the wing divider is widely applied for mechanical scribing, leather marking, making DIY crafts, and more.

Material: Brass and Plastic


Length: 7 Inches

Width: 0.51 Inches (Approx.)

Weight: 0.17 Pounds


The pencil compass is made of brass and steel with exquisite workmanship; It is durable and solid built, works smoothly for scribing and drawing. The drafting pencil compass measures approx. 7 inches in length; The pencil compass is large enough to draw arcs and circles easily. Measures diameters, angles, measurements, and draw circles/arcs without repeat use of a ruler. Handcrafted - 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Heavy Brass Construction, geometry wing divider